FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is ERIMS?
Why do we need ERIMS?
Why SaaS?
What are the advantages of the SaaS model versus desktop software?
Can we still use our desktop applications?
What industries use ERIMS?
Who are the end-users of ERIMS?
What is ERIMS used for?
What type of information can ERIMS manage?
What kind of reports can ERIMS produce?
Who developed ERIMS?
Why now?
How are you different from other vendors?
How is ERIMS different from other data management systems?
How do you handle special needs?
What types of information can be stored in ERIMS?
How secure is our data? 

What is ERIMS? Back to Top.

ERIMS is an acronym for E-Records Information Management System. It is a
comprehensive environmental information management and compliance reporting solution.

Why do we need ERIMS? Back to Top.

Environmental data, like any information an organization generates, is a valuable
corporate asset that has direct implications on your bottom line. It can be used to:

  • decrease fines and liabilities
  • guide planning
  • allocate resources
  • manage risk
  • improve your company’s status
  • assist in the decision making process
  • maintain competitive parity
Why SaaS? Back to Top.

As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, ERIMS requires no 3rd party software other than a browser. It is always available, there are no maintenance or upgrade fees, and it does not require support from your corporate IT staff.

What are the advantages of the SaaS model versus desktop software? Back to Top.

With SaaS, you avoid the hassles of physically installing and maintaining desktop software on end user PCs. No special software training is required; anyone with a browser, an Internet connection and a proper User ID can access ERIMS 24/7. System updates and maintenance are transparent to the user and handled by enVirSys without taxing your IT resources.

Can we still use our desktop applications? Back to Top.

Yes. ERIMS provides for exports to and imports from many of the most popular general use desktop and environmental-related specialty software packages.

What industries use ERIMS? Back to Top.

Our clients represent mining, oil & gas, fuel distribution, manufacturing, environmental consulting industries, among others. However, the benefits and functionality of ERIMS are applicable in any market sector that needs to manage environmental-related information.

Who are the end-users of ERIMS? Back to Top.

ERIMS is used by project managers, CxOs, facility administrators, engineers, scientists, strategic planners, risk managers, environmental coordinators, health & safety personnel, analytical laboratories, field samplers, and 3rd party consultants.

What is ERIMS used for? Back to Top.

ERIMS is used as environmental reporting software to manage large amounts of information and generate reports:

  • to fulfill regulatory requirements
  • for graphical and statistical analysis
  • for decision support, risk management and strategic planning
  • for an individual facility or an international organization
What type of information can ERIMS manage? Back to Top.

Although originally designed to manage and report on environmental data, such as field measurements, analytical results, and sampling locations, ERIMS has evolved to address a wide variety of information including: maps and GIS (Geographic Information System) data, scanned documents, weather and climate data, GHG (greenhouse gas) and emissions (air) data, photos, permits, and real estate and property data.

What kind of reports can ERIMS produce? Back to Top.

ERIMS produces reports for external agencies or for internal use by managers, engineers and scientists, such as Discharge Monitoring Reports (for NPDES), spreadsheets, maps, bore logs, cross sections, permit tracking, and sampling programs.

Who developed ERIMS? Back to Top.

ERIMS was designed by industry professionals with real world experience generating, analyzing, and reporting all types of environmental information. Over 80 labor-years of development went into the design and programming of ERIMS. Industry professionals with hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of how environmental data is generated and used built ERIMS.

Why now? Back to Top.

Your organization continually generates reams of environmental data that exist in a multitude of formats and systems, including spreadsheets, electronic files, and hard copy reports. Having one comprehensive repository turns disparate data into a useful and accessible asset.


How are you different from other vendors? Back to Top.

ERIMS was designed and developed internally by enVirSys. ERIMS team members have extensive backgrounds in the environmental industry with many years of experience in field data collection, multi-media sampling, well logging and installation, laboratory analysis, environmental regulation, and design, installation and operation of a wide-variety of contaminant treatment systems. They know what data needs to be collected and how to evaluate it because they have done it.

How is ERIMS different from other data management systems? Back to Top.

ERIMS is a secure, web-based application specifically designed to address our clients’ environmental information objectives and reporting needs in a holistic manner. Unlike standalone desktop products that are more like tools and address only one particular need, ERIMS is a robust, comprehensive solution. The system is designed for customization to meet our clients’ specific and often unique requirements. We are not an ERP vendor moving into this marketspace nor are we purely software developers who saw an opening. Environmental data management is our passion and our core competency!

How do you handle special needs? Back to Top.

Our clients have diverse environmental objectives and needs. ERIMS is a powerful and flexible system that is designed to handle the unique requirements of our clients. We have developed customized imports, exports, reports, workflows, notifications, quality control schemes, and data reviews. All implementations of ERIMS are client-specific to ensure the greatest utility to our customers.

What types of information can be stored in ERIMS? Back to Top.

One of the strengths of ERIMS is the ability to serve as a comprehensive repository of all environmental data, including, but not limited to: analytical results, groundwater elevations, well construction and bore logs, flow data, property and ownership information, photos, weather and field measurements, map and GIS data, permits, and scanned documents.

How secure is our data? Back to Top.

Each client has their own secure and dedicated database to insure a distinct separation of client-specific information. High-availability disaster recovery practices are incorporated and databases are continuously backed up as an additional failsafe for data protection and integrity. Client can manage their user’s rights and roles and add users to specific groups for regulating access to specific facilities, documents and modules.

How do we work with Consulting Companies? Back to Top.

Although our ERIMS team has extensive experience with all aspects of environmental compliance programs, we make no assumptions about our clients’ specific needs. A team member will be assigned to serve as your champion, project manager, and primary point of contact. The initial stage of our engagement model is the gathering of requirements to ensure that we understand your goals and what challenges you face in meeting those needs. We also conduct interviews to identify the sometimes diverse objectives of the various groups involved, such as: executive management, environmental compliance, risk management, project managers, contracts managers, and operations personnel. Additionally, the different sources, workflows, and types of data coming in and going out of the system are identified, including report formats. Once the requirements and objectives are identified and agreed to, the ERIMS team will develop, test and submit for approval a customized system, usually using data from one facility or compliance program. In a planned, stepwise manner, additional facilities and data will be added to the system.

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