About Us

Experts in Environmental Data Management

Environmental data management and reporting from environmental data management experts: we are different – technologists with real-world experience!


ERIMS has been in commercial use starting in 2001. ERIMS environmental software consultants and developers are experts in environmental data management and all have extensive backgrounds as environmental consultants. The team is comprised of geologists, engineers, architects and chemists with many years of experience in field data collection, multi-media sampling, well logging and installation, laboratory analysis, environmental regulation, and design, installation and operation of a wide-variety of contaminant treatment systems. We know what data needs to be collected and managed via environmental systems and how to evaluate it because they have done it.

enVirSys LLC also maintains direct relationships with full-service environmental and engineering consulting organizations.  Should there be a need for additional resources related to environmental and compliance consulting needs, we can provide you with the necessary resources.

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