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An efficient, cost-effective environmental data management and reporting solution with proven return-on-investment

Our clients include organizations in manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, fuel distribution, and environmental consulting, among others.

Distribution Facilities Maintenance Monitoring – Confidential Client

Our client is a multi-billion dollar corporation in the food industry. Corporate image is extremely important, so addressing worldwide operational and environmental challenges while managing associated costs was paramount.

Based upon the information gathered during the Business Requirements Definition phase of the project, ERIMS was customized to meet our client’s specific and unique needs at their distribution facilities. The ERIMS’ survey tool was adapted to handle inspection information related to the building envelope, asbestos surveys, photos, and equipment repair, warranty, and replacement recommendations. A scorecard allows our client to anticipate future expenditures related to building operations and maintenance (O & M).

Our client reports significant savings related to on-going O & M and fulfilling regulatory requirements, as well as minimizing potential environmental liabilities. In use for years, ERIMS facilitates decision support and risk management at more than 1000 of their facilities across the globe.

Remedial Investigation Support — United Farmers of Alberta (UFA)

UFA is a cooperative serving 120,000 members with a network of over 35 Farm and Ranch Supply stores and 110 bulk fuel stations. They required a comprehensive environmental data management system to drive a fast moving remedial investigation requiring 24-hour turnaround and immediate access to the data. ERIMS was used to upload analytical results and report on the soil, water, and soil gas sampling. ERIMS also interfaced with a specialized 3-D modeling program to evaluate the contaminant plume. This information was then used to manage the next day’s field work and determine drilling and sampling locations.

To verify and validate activities, the project team made extensive use of the system’s QA/QC and Project Management tools and automatic email notification. Documents from multiple facilities were stored within ERIMS, including maps, field notes, boring logs, and photos, providing a single, readily accessible repository of project-related information.

ERIMS was also used to generate bore logs for lithological analysis and produce GIS maps, used to plot and monitor activities at multiple facilities. ERIMS was instrumental in reducing costs of the remedial investigation. Quickly defining plume extents and paths of migration led to more efficient and consolidated field efforts. Unnecessary crew and equipment mobilizations were avoided. All project objectives were achieved on time and on budget.

Site Investigation and Characterization — Confidential Client

enVirSys has worked on a wide variety of projects with this global manufacturing concern. As one of Fortune Magazine’s most admired companies in 2009, they demanded the most precise, environmentally sound, and cost effective environmental data management system. They trusted ERIMS for the complete and accurate data sets to meet their stringent requirements.

ERIMS was used to monitor compliance and remediation on projects encompassing multiple facilities with thousands of sampling points. Other projects included horizontal drilling in a sensitive area of a major metropolitan area for the installation of a groundwater treatment system, and waste characterization and tracking of drums. These various projects required a system to comprehensively handle air monitoring, analytical results from soil and water sampling, and incorporate a vast store of historical information.

ERIMS met these challenges and is still used to manage data for ongoing monitoring programs.

Environmental Liability Management – Confidential Client

Our client, a large, international concern with facilities in 40 countries, needed to characterize and manage environmental liabilities worldwide. Data collection associated with this undertaking was spread amongst dozens of consultants who managed the day-to-day activities. ERIMS was selected to provide a comprehensive repository that is available worldwide, 24/7.The system was customized to meet their unique needs, such as a liability reserve estimation tool and back litigation support efforts.

The system has been successfully deployed worldwide with the tools to quickly review, approve, and report across their global portfolio. Additionally, the client was able to satisfy the US liability reserve rules under GAAP and Sarbanes Oxley guidelines.

Environmental Regulatory Compliance – CONSOL Energy Inc.

To remain compliant with numerous permits, Consol must handle enormous amounts of field- and laboratory-generated data gathered from thousands of sampling locations. Their challenge was to process and aggregate the data inputs from disparate sources, analyze the data, and act swiftly on information derived from the data. Additionally, they must report to several regulatory agencies in the proper format with timely, accurate data as called for in their various permits.

ERIMS is an integral part of how Consol monitors, manages, and reports on a complex and dynamic range of information. The system houses millions of records and produces over 5000 regulatory reports a year for their user-base, comprised of company environmental managers, 3rd-party laboratories and several outside consulting firms. It streamlines business processes by providing automatic notifications of issues and email routing of reports for review and approval.

ERIMS ensures that Consol Energy can meet their compliance obligations and act quickly on any environmental risks that occur. As regulations change and new demands arise, they know they can count on ERIMS to achieve their objectives. Their reputation as an environmentally responsible and prepared company has contributed to them being named as one of America’s most admired companies by Fortune magazine.

Contaminant Assessment and Groundwater Treatment System Oversight – Confidential Client

These projects encompassed 15 treatment systems associated with 10 facilities. Hundreds of wells were measured monthly for contaminants and water levels to gauge the performance of the treatment systems. ERIMS was utilized to manage site investigations, contaminant characterization, and monitoring of groundwater treatment systems.

Effectiveness of the treatment systems required continual oversight. Our client required a comprehensive repository to manage over a million analytical results records and thousands of groundwater elevations resulting from project activities. Overall costs had to be minimized while environmental information needed to be routinely shared with local water districts, residents and municipalities to coordinate project activities. ERIMS provided the solution they needed.

The cost-effectiveness of ERIMS was an integral component of what turned out to multi-million dollar engagements lasting over 10 years.

Environmental Program Management – Suncor Energy Incorporated – Alberta CA

Suncor Energy is an industry leader in the integrated energy market, with interests in oil, natural gas, biofuels and wind power. They were the first company to develop the oil sands of northern Alberta and, while holding one of the largest positions there, are committed to responsible development and environmental sustainability. Suncor’s environmental affairs and groundwater groups selected ERIMS to meet their objectives.

Suncor uses ERIMS to process analytical results submitted by laboratories and provides varying degrees of access to the data to outside consultants. The system stores for over 1000 sampling locations and includes information imported from data loggers. Employees use the system to review, map, and generate reports associated with groundwater, surface water, and air monitoring stations. ERIMS was also used to input lithological information and render bore log diagrams using a 3rd-party software package.

ERIMS meets Suncor’s regulatory compliance reporting needs and provides managers with the tools and oversight capabilities they demanded. ERIMS’ flexible design allowed development of a climatology application, specialized GIS mapping capabilities, and unique trend reports. The GIS functionality allows Suncor to search for data related to specific locations using facility maps and view the associated lithology. The trend reports that used to take weeks to prepare can now be produced with a click of a button.

Environmental Due Diligence – United Farmers of Alberta Cooperative – Alberta CA

With over 100 locations, this fuel energy distribution company routinely acquires and transfers properties.  Environmental due diligence investigations were conducted to assist in their growth. To effectively manage the real estate development portfolio required a system to house investigative results and report on this information.

ERIMS provided the solution, fulfilling their need for detailed reports as sites were being investigated, as well as roll-up summary reports. Data within ERIMS was analyzed and used to uncover and assess potential environmental risks and liabilities. Additionally, background historical data provided by a 3rd party was integrated into the repository, along with photographs, maps, and pertinent personnel information. This comprehensive database of environmental-related information proved to be an invaluable corporate asset, used for decision support and risk management.

Support of the UK’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Program with WSP

The ERIMS platform was used to develop a web-based application to address the European Union’s and United Kingdom’s building energy performance directives. Results from energy efficiency surveys are stored within ERIMS and are used for reports and sustainability evaluations. Inspections performed on the buildings address all aspects of electricity, water, gas and renewable energy. EPCs from accredited assessors are now required for virtually all commercial real estate transactions in the UK, and this ERIMS application greatly facilitates and enhances the building energy and sustainability services WSP Environment & Energy offers to its clients.

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