Environmental Data Management & Compliance Reporting

ERIMS is a comprehensive solution for handling environmental data and generating reports. With ERIMS, you can manage permits, sampling results, historical documents, maps, and photos. We work collaboratively with our clients worldwide providing an environmental management information system that reduces cost and improves regulatory compliance with measurable return-on-investment (ROI).
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How do you respond to the following questions?
  • Is environmental compliance a high priority at your firm?
  • Do you struggle tracking incidents, violations, compliance issues?
  • Is your company proactive or reactive?
  • Do you feel like you have control over your environmental data?
  • Could you benefit from standardizing and streamlining your processes?
  • Are you spending too much time and money managing your data?

How you handle these demands without incurring fines or busting your budget is crucially important, especially in these economic times. But we can help.

Comprehensive and cost-effective

ERIMS, our E-Records Information Management System, allows our clients to efficiently address all of their environmental data management and reporting needs in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner. It was designed by industry professionals with hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of how environmental data is generated and used. Originally designed to manage field measurements and analytical results, ERIMS has evolved to handle a wide variety of information including: maps, and GIS (geographic information system) data, scanned documents, climate data, continuous emissions (air) data, photos, permits, and land ownership and property data.

Integrated GIS Mapping

What our clients are saying about ERIMS:

  • Always available from anywhere
  • No 3rd-party software required
  • Real time alerts of potential issues
  • Preformatted and custom reports
  • Storage of virtually any type of data
  • Data verification
  • Email to/from the system
  • Easy imports and exports
  • Automatic routing of reports
  • Monthly fees versus a large upfront purchase
  • Measurable ROI (return-on-investment)

Turn your environmental information into a useful and accessible asset

Your organization generates reams of useful environmental information that exist in a multitude of formats and systems, including spreadsheets, electronic files, and hardcopy reports. ERIMS is the means for consolidating disparate data into one repository, making it more accessible and far more useful.